A profitable partnership

Are you self-employed, a business owner or a shareholder? Partenaire-Conseils Groupe Financier & Gestion Privée can leverage its know-how in the financial and business world for the benefit of your company. By outsourcing all your planning to a single firm, you gain a clearer perspective on your finances, which in turn will help you grow your wealth. There are no limits to your success.

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Steps for a global vision of your assets

Diagnosis and financial plan development

To achieve your financial independence

  • Identify your personal, family and professional goals
  • Implement tax strategies
  • Align your legal documents to meet your goals
  • Review your investment strategy
  • Forecast the value of your capital over time

Continuity planning

To ensure the sustainability of your business initiatives

  • Establish a family council
  • Identify your company’s key players
  • Plan key player integration
  • Propose a partnership plan based on your values
  • Determine the financing details for the acquisition or sale of your business
  • Set up a plan in case of illness or death

Coverage and transfer

To make your assets meaningful

  • Review your legal documents
  • Understand the tax impacts of a business transfer
  • Use creative and personalized tax strategies
  • Transfer your assets to the next generation
  • Establish a planned donation strategy

Products and services

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  • Financial plan development
  • Financial, tax and retirement planning
  • Succession planning/identification
  • Understanding the various types of stock companies
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  • Acquisition/sale*
  • Collateral financing*


* Through our network of partners.

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  • Shareholder
  • Retirement
  • Key personnel
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  • Heritage protection strategy
  • Executive Health Plan (EHR)
  • Group and supplementary insurance
  • Life, health, disability, critical illness and overhead insurance
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  • Analysis of retirement needs/financial autonomy
  • Intergenerational transfer
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)
  • Individual Pension Plan (IPP) and other plans
Businesses Businesses

Preparing for your meeting

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your meeting:

  • Set aside 60 minutes for the first meeting.
  • Gather information on your company’s financial situation (financial statements, insurance protection, agreements, etc.).
  • Speak up about your needs, objectives and the scope of the investment you want to make.
  • Share your experience in planning, investment and insurance.
  • Ask about management fees.
  • Determine the frequency of your meetings.

With this information, your advisor can provide you with personalized strategies and a detailed financial plan.

To help you determine your needs and priorities, complete this assessment questionnaire and share it with your advisor during your meeting.